EpiOtic Ear Cleanser 237ml

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Epi-otic Ear Cleanser 237ml


  • Ear cleanser that removes cerumen, pus and debris from the ear canal
  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial activity
  • Cleanses without irritation (alcohol free formulation)
  • Drying action within the ear canal (due to the docusate sodium, which is a drying agent and the lactic acid, which absorbs moisture and normalises keratin)
  • Ceruminolytic activity (due to the docusate sodium and propylene glycol)
  • May be used for routine ear cleansing in healthy ear canals or prior to administration of other ear preparations in the treatment of otitis externa.
  • Aids in the prevention and treatment of ear infections by cleaning moist, waxy and smelly ears.
  • Helps heal superficial skin lesions by cleansing necrotic tissue and debris.
  • Acts as a drying agent for the ear canals after swimming.
  • The inclusion of monosaccharides has a soothing effect (anti-irritant) as well as limiting the bonding of microorganisms (anti-adhesive) to the skin surface
  • SPHERULITES: an exclusive and patented encapsulation system which provides slow release of ingredients long after product application
  • Chitosanide: a natural biopolymer that creates a protective film on the skin and hair. This reinforces the hydrating and restoring effects of the formulation, helping to protect the skin against damage from the environment.
  • Easy and practical to use
  • Non-irritating
  • Recommended for dogs and cats requiring ear cleansing or needing a solution for problem ears.

Directions for use

  • Aim tip of bottle into ear canal and squeeze to apply solution.
  • Gently massage the ear.
  • Wipe afterwards with cotton wool.
  • Apply 2-3 times daily or as directed by a veterinarian.


Water, propylene glycol, lactic acid, Spherulites, docusate sodium, salicylic acid, PCMX, dimethicone, fragrance and FD&C blue #1. Lactic acid and salicylic acid are present in encapsulated (SPHERULITES) and free forms. Chitosanide is present in encapsulated form.


  • Lactic acid- 25mg/mL
  • Salicylic acid- 1.1mg/mL

Safety Note

  • For animal use only
  • For topical use only
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • In case of contact, flush eyes with water and seek medical attention if irritation persists
  • Do not use in ruptured ear drums

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