Donation To Little Legs Dog Rescue

Donation To Little Legs Dog Rescue


Little Legs Dog Rescure

ABN: 81 955 368 583

Little Legs Dog Rescue is a safe haven for the little ones left behind on death row at dog pounds - the old, the sick, the disabled, the unattractive, the neglected ... 

Regular dog rescues take the young, healthy, most rehomable dogs first, but they have no choice, dog pounds are overflowing with unwanted dogs, and dog rescues can only take what they can fit in and rehome. If they rescue the old and the sick, then the young rehomable dogs get left behind. No one wants to choose which dogs they must leave at the pound, the ones that will be euthanised because there are just too many dogs needing rescue. 

We rescue seniors and special-needs dogs, those who have run out of chances for regular rescue or rehoming, who are awaiting their last option, euthanasia. They are the little sweeties who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves dumped at a dog pound - and if they are elderly or need medical treatment, their options for rescue are very, very slim.  
These are the dogs we take in at Little Legs Dog Rescue. 

Every dog coming into Little Legs is vet checked within 24 hours of arrival, they have a thorough health check, a full blood panel and a heartworm test.  They will have any surgeries or medications needed to ensure their quality of life, for as long or short as that may be. 

Once a dog is healthy enough, and has had all their vet work completed, we aim to find our precious charges their very own forever homes. If rehoming is not an option, they stay with us for long-term or palliative care. The residents of Little Legs are safe and loved every single day for however much time they have left with us. When the sad day comes that they must leave us, they will be in the arms of someone who loves them, and they will know that they were safe, cherished and special.