Donation To Furkids Animal Rescue

Donation To Furkids Animal Rescue

Furkids Animal Rescue was founded by Nicole Young & Lisa Phillips-Barton in August 2013. Nicole rescued a litter of puppies from a friend who was going to dump them. She contacted Lisa (who was a foster carer on a Facebook page that she was a member of) and asked her opinion and advice on the best way to find homes for these puppies.
By the time Nicole had found homes for the first litter of puppies, she had already received another two litters that required homes. This is where Nicole and Lisa joined forces and started Furkids Animal Rescue.
They believed there was a need for them to create this rescue and save as many dogs and puppies as possible.

Just over one year old, the rescue group has successfully rehomed over 275 dogs and is growing strong with the assistance of foster carers, volunteers and the support of the general public.

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