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Dogit Voyageur Travel Carrier Medium Light Grey Dark Grey For Dogs And Cats Up To 24cm Height

Dogit Voyageur Travel Carrier For Dogs And Cats Is A Great Way To Contain And Carry Your Pet
  • Travelling with your pet has never been easier with this safe and secure carrier!
  • Perfect for carrying cats and small dogs
  • Suitable for travelling in the car, bus or train
  • Easy to carry thanks to the strong plastic handle on the roof
  • The base and the top segments are made of solid, durable plastic
  • The carrier has optimal air circulation due to the ventilation holes at the front, sides and rear
  • The secure snap latches around the sides, back and front of the carrier ensure that it will remain closed and allows quick disassembly
  • The base of the carrier has a moulded ‘waste collection gutter’ - in case your pet has an accident they will not have to stand in it!
  • The door is made of plastic-coated steel that opens and closes from the outside
  • There is a safety lock on the door to keep it secure during travel
  • To open the door, simply lift up the door lock and pull the door outwards
  • There is an opening on the top with a food/water dish inside for pit-stops on long journeys.  The dish clips securely onto the inside of the door
  • You can even remove the water dish and use the compartment to store important items like treats or medication
  • There is a second opening on the top which allows you to pat your pet or give them a toy or treat
  • Very spacious and allows your pet to stand up during the journey to drink, eat, move, scratch or stretch
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning or storage



  • For pets up to 22cm height*
  • Carrier: 49.5cm length x 32cm width x 30cm height
  • Front door opening: 21.5cm height x 23cm width
  • Handle: 15cm length x 3cm height x 2cm width


  • For pets up to 24cm height*
  • Carrier: 56cm length x 37.6cm width x 33cm height
  • Front door opening: 23.5cm height x 26cm width
  • Handle: 15cm length x 3cm height x 2cm width

*Pet height is measured to the tip of their ears if they have pointy ears


  • For public modes of transport, it is necessary to permanently assemble the top to the base by the use of screws or heavy-duty plastic cable ties
  • Screws are not included
  • For travel by plane please check with the airline regarding the carrier requirements.