DGG Nail Clippers Large For Dogs

DGG Nail Clippers Large For Dogs Makes Nail Trimming A Pleasant Experience For Your Pet

This safe and easy-to-use device will make trimming your dog’s nails a breeze!

  • Dog nails grow continuously, therefore, they must be trimmed to prevent problems from occurring
  • Short nails are critical for optimal health, prevention of pain in the toes, and to keep your pal comfortable
  • Your dog’s lifestyle will determine how often their nails require trimming - dogs who walk regularly on hard surfaces will need their nails trimmed less often than those who walk on soft surfaces
  • The clippers are designed for efficiency, comfort, and ease of use
  • The handles are made of soft rubber to ensure a secure, comfortable grip   
  • The stainless steel blades are sharp for a clean, efficient cut
  • There is an adjustable metal safety guard that allows you to choose a desired length of the nail to clip
  • The clipper is spring loaded which makes the tool feel fluid in your hand during clipping  
  • There is also a safety lock that keeps the clipper closed when not in use



  • 12cm length x 4.5cm width (when closed) 9.7cm width (when open) x 1.3cm thick 
  • Blade opening: 0.6cm at widest point, 0.9cm length
  • For small-medium dogs


  • 16cm length x 5.3cm width (when closed) 7.2cm width (when open) x 1.6cm thick
  • Blade opening: 0.8cm width at widest point, 1.1cm length
  • For medium-large dogs

Directions for use

  • There are 2 types of pet nails – light and dark nails
  • Trimming light nails is easier because you can usually see the “quick” inside the nails which is darker in colour
  • The goal is to avoid clipping the quick, as this may cause bleeding
  • Dark nails are harder to trim because it is more difficult to see the quick clearly
  • It is recommended to trim small sections of the nail to avoid trimming the quick
  • If you cut the quick/vein, quickly place some ‘styptic powder’ on the end of the bleeding nail
  • Styptic powder is an antiseptic clotting agent
  • If the bleeding does not stop within a few minutes, contact your vet
  • Giving your dog a bath first softens the nails and makes them easier to clip
  • To reduce how often you need to trim nails, exercise your dog regularly on hard concrete or outdoors 


  • Keep your nail clipper sharp and clean for best results
  • When the clipper loses its sharp edge, it will need to be replaced
  • By keeping the trimmers clean, they should last for multiple years
  • When trimming your dog’s nails, only clip the lighter coloured section of their nails – do not clip the darker coloured area (the quick) because this will cause bleeding
  • The tool is sharp, use with care

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