DGG Deluxe Grooming Glove For Dogs

DGG Deluxe Grooming Glove For Dogs Is A Quick And Easy Way To Remove Knots And Tangles
  • This handy grooming glove gives your canine a gentle and relaxed grooming experience
  • The glove is easy to use – simply place your hand inside, tighten the wrist strap and brush in the direction of your dog’s coat
  • It is designed to fit all hand sizes comfortably
  • The steel pins have a plastic coating on the end to protect your dog's skin
  • The pins follow the shape of your dog's body and help to remove tangles, knots and loose hair
  • The glove is gentle on the skin to ensure your dog remains comfortable during the grooming session
  • Grooming your pet allows you to share quality bonding time together and gives them a nice, relaxing massage
  • Regular grooming helps to stimulate the production of natural oils in the skin
  • The glove is made of waterproof, nylon mesh and rubber material
  • The adjustable wrist strap is made of stretchy elastic with a velcro seal to ensure a secure, firm fit
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Can be used on a wet or dry coat
  • Designed for dogs of all sizes and hair lengths


  • Glove: 24cm x 9.5cm x 3cm
  • Pins: 1.7cm length x 0.1cm width

Directions for use

  • Gently brush in the direction of the coat
  • Take care around the paws, eyes and groin
  • Avoid any brushing that could cause your dog discomfort

Washing Instructions

  • Wash gently with soap and water
  • Dry on a flat surface

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