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Dentipet Finger Toothbrush For Cleaning Teeth

Finger Brush For Cleaning Teeth Will Have Your Pets Teeth Shining In No Time

Unique and highly effective finger toothbrush for enhanced dental health

  • Using a pet-specific toothbrush dramatically improves your pet’s oral hygiene
  • Specifically designed to suit the size and contours of your pet's mouth
  • Provides an easy, fast, and efficient clean with each brush stroke
  • Stimulates your pet's gums and removes plaque
  • The unique design allows you to slip your finger inside, behind the bristled tip 
  • By gliding your finger along the surface of your pets’ teeth, you can easily reach all areas of your pet’s mouth
  • Allows you to reach the vulnerable area between the teeth and gum line
  • The bristles are flexible and soft for your pet’s delicate mouth


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