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Dentipet Chicken Toothpaste With Finger Toothbrush For Dental Teeth Cleaning Of Cats And Dogs

Dentipet Chicken Toothpaste With Finger Toothbrush For Dental Teeth Cleaning Of Cats And Dogs

This pack contains:

  • Dentipet Toothpaste Chicken For Cats And Dogs 70gm
  • Finger Toothbrush For Cleaning Teeth

Brushing your pet's teeth daily can help control plaque buildup, prevent periodontal disease, bad breath and tooth decayBefore cleaning your dog’s teeth, it is advisable to consult with your veterinarian


  • Specifically formulated for pets to help remove plaque and prevent the build-up of tartar
  • Designed for everyday use with a pet toothbrush
  • Great tasting flavoured formula helps to make tooth brushing a fun treat and positive experience for your dog – making it easier to brush your dog’s teeth
  • Includes gentle abrasives and polishing agents
  • Freshens breath
  • Contains no animal products or animal bi-products


A unique, effective finger toothbrush for enhanced dental health

  • Using a pet-specific toothbrush dramatically improves your pet’s oral hygiene
  • Specifically designed to suit the size and contours of your pet's mouth
  • Provides an easy, fast, and efficient clean with each brush stroke
  • Stimulates your pet's gums and removes plaque
  • The unique design allows you to slip your finger inside, behind the bristled tip 
  • By gliding your finger along the surface of your pets’ teeth, you can easily reach all areas of your pet’s mouth
  • Allows you to reach the vulnerable area between the teeth and gum line
  • The bristles are flexible and soft for your pet’s delicate mouth


Directions for use

  • Introduce a dental hygiene regimen by massaging the teeth and gums with your finger while praising and reassuring the animal
  • Once accustomed to massage, put a dab of toothpaste on your finger and repeat the exercise
  • Once this is established, you can introduce the use of a Dentipet Finger Brush or Toothbrush
  • Apply pet toothpaste (chicken or beef flavour) to the brush – do not use human toothpaste, as the ingredients may cause stomach upset in your pet
  • Allow your pet to sniff and taste the toothpaste and brush before commencing with tooth brushing
  • Brush one or two strokes on a few teeth at the front of the mouth
  • Slowly increase the amount of brushing as your pet becomes more comfortable
  • Use oval shaped movements, brushing over the teeth and gum
  • Start with the front teeth, moving to the back of the mouth, brushing back and forth right along the side of the mouth.
  • Brushing time should be 30 – 60 seconds
  • For best results, brush daily, for some pets, 3-4 times per week may be sufficient

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