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Credelio Plus Blue XLarge Dog + Plush Toy + Treats For Dogs

Credelio Plus Blue XLarge Dog With Plush Toy And Treats Combo For Dogs Provides Parasite Protection Along With Fun Entertainment And Tasty Morsels

This bundle lets you select a Credelio Plus Chewable Tablet pack, a fun active toy, and a tasty treat pack for your dog 

Credelio Plus For XLarge Dogs Blue is suitable for pets weighing from 22-45kg. It protects dogs against ticks, fleas, heartworm, and intestinal worms

Cuddly Dog Toys are a fantastic for gentle indoor play and quiet snuggle time. Dogs often like to take them into their beds at sleep time for comfort

Australian Pettreats Baked Biscuits are a deliciously crunchy and tasty treat for dogs. With a range of tasty flavours, they're designed to support optimal nutrition and help with training