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Company Of Animals Target Stick Training Tool For Dogs Cats And Other Animals

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Company Of Animals Target Stick Training Tool For Dogs And Cats Provides A Visual Target For Your Pet When Teaching New Skills
  • The target stick is a great tool for teaching your pet useful day to day behaviours as well advanced tricks
  • The red rubber ball provides a visual target for your pet to focus on and follow, so you can teach your pet movements and body positions from a distance
  • It allows you to break down complex tasks into smaller steps that can be rewarded piece by piece, until your pet has learned the entire behaviour
  • Teaching your pet to maintain contact with the target stick will allow you to then transfer this contact behaviour on to other objects 
  • The ball is situated at the end of the 70cm metal stick
  • The telescopic design retracts to 15.5cm for transport in your pocket or training pouch
  • It can be used for teaching everyday behaviours such as sit, drop, and roll over
  • It is also great for teaching complex assistance behaviours, body positioning and staying still for grooming, agility training, and tricks


  • When retracted: 15.5cm length x 1cm width
  • When extended: 70cm length x 1cm width
  • Red ball: 2.5cm diameter 

Directions for use

Getting Started

  • Put a tasty treat on the end of the target stick
  • Offer the target stick to your dog
  • As soon as your dog’s nose touches the stick, use your clicker or whistle and give them a treat
  • Repeat several times, moving the stick slightly further away each time
  • Once your dog is consistent, you can add a command such as ‘touch’


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