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Company Of Animals Multi-Clicker Reinforcer Training Tool For Dogs Cats And Other Animals

Company Of Animals Multi-Clicker Training Tool For Dogs And Cats Is A Great Way To Train Your Pet
  • Clicker training is a fantastic way to teach your pet new skills and behaviours
  • The click sound is used to let your pet know when they have done something right
  • The clicker is easy to use and suitable for pets of all ages 
  • It is great for training your pet without the need for vocal corrections  
  • Recommended by Dr Roger Mugford, a leading animal behaviourist
  • The multi-clicker has a patented adjustable volume control to suit your pet's needs
  • It is easy to hold, and has a raised area for your thumb to rest ready to accurately click and identify desirable behaviours
  • It has a lightweight elastic band that allows you to attach the clicker to your pet's lead, your car keys, or on your wrist so it is readily available at all times
  • The clicker is for use during positive reinforcement based training, using treats for rewards alongside the clicker


  • 7.2cm length x 3.5cm width x 2.2cm thick

Tips For Using The Clicker

Getting Started

  • Sound the device and then feed your pet a treat
  • Repeat until your pet understands that the clicking sound is associated with treats

Training Your Pet To Sit With The Clicker

  • Hold a treat above your pet's nose, and slowly move it back over their head until their bottom touches the floor (if your pet jumps up, then the treat is too high above their head)
  • As your dog sits, sound the clicker and reward a treat
  • Repeat the process and add the command “sit”, gradually removing the hand signal

Training Your Dog To Drop With The Clicker

  • Start with your dog in the sitting position
  • Move a treat down from their nose to between their front paws and your dog should drop down to the ground
  • Sound the clicker and reward a treat if your dog does drop
  • Repeat the process and add the command “drop”, gradually removing the hand signal

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