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Chipsi Snake Softwood Litter Nest Bedding For Reptiles 5kg

Chipsi Snake Softwood Litter Nest Bedding For Reptiles Will Keep Your Little Scaley Friends Happy And Healthy

This pack of ultra-fine shaved softwood provides a hygienic, comfortable bedding surface for your slithering friend

  • A superior, high-quality litter and bedding surface, suited for reptile terrariums

Moisture Management

  • This professional product provides fantastic humidity management
  • Made from ultra-softwood fibres which are highly absorbent
  • Helps prevent mould

Comfortable Bedding

  • Made from thin softwood shavings which provides a nice soft place for your reptile to sleep 

Fulfils Natural Instincts

  • The soft, fine fibres are fantastic for building nests and satisfies your pet’s natural instincts to explore, burrow or hide
  • Keeps your snake warm and happily camouflaged
  • Encourages health and wellness in your scaly friend’s everyday life


  • Anti-microbial and free of germs
  • Virtually dust-free
  • Odour-binding and provides a pleasant, fresh scent
  • Does not contain any etheric oils or chemical additives

Environmentally Friendly

  • Biodegradable

Safe for Pets

  • Fully digestible and safe for all reptiles


  • Softwood shavings

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