Chipsi Classic Softwood Bedding Litter For Small Animals 12.5kg

Chipsi Classic Softwood Bedding Litter For Small Animals Will Keep Your Little Pet Happy And Healthy

This pack of luxuriously soft wood shavings provides a lovely, comfortable bedding surface for your little friends and also acts as a super absorbent litter

  • Fantastic for small pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice
  • Ideal for placing inside your pet’s hutch to make your pet feel like they are in the great outdoors

Comfortable Bedding

  • Made from highly compressed, softwood mix of shavings which provides a nice soft place for your little friends to sleep 

Highly Absorbent Litter

  • Super absorbent and odour-binding
  • Organic and biodegradable
  • Hygienic to encourage good health and wellness
  • Does not need to be changed as often as regular shavings
  • Provides a pleasant scent and contributes to a nice, clean enclosure

Other Benefits

  • Non-toxic and virtually dust-free
  • 100% compostable


  • Mixed softwood fibre

Directions for use

  • Spread throughout your pet's cage
  • Replace when required

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