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Catsan Clumping Clay Litter For Cats 7kg

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Catsan Clumping Clay Litter For Cats 7kg
  • Made from naturally occurring Australian bentonite
  • Quickly absorbs moisture
  • Forms clumps on the surface of the litter for easy removal
  • Natural odour control
  • Lasts longer than ordinary clay
  • Includes a free tray liner inside the pack

Helpful Hint!

  • The effectiveness of cat litter can be enhanced by:
  • Feeding your cat highly digestible, quality cat diets will reduce the volume of waste produced by your cat
  • Regularly remove portions of soiled waste from the litter tray using a litter scoop


  • For personal hygiene, it is best to use rubber gloves when handling litter
  • Always wash your hands after handling soiled cat litter

Directions for use

  • Fill your litter tray to a depth of 3-4cm with Catsan Clay
  • The clay will absorb urine quickly
  • Simply remove the clumps and solid matter with a litter scoop
  • Top up with fresh clay litter
  • If clumps stick to the bottom of the tray, increase the depth of the litter
  • The entire tray be changed, washed and filled with fresh litter at least once every four weeks.
  • Can be disposed of with other household garbage
  • Do not flush into septic tanks or dispose of in the garden or sewerage system

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