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Cats Best Smart Pellets Wood Plant Fibre Clumping Litter 10L/5kg

Made from organic plant fibres and absorbs more than 700% of its volume - While stocks last

Cats Best Smart Pellets Non Stick Wood Clumping Litter Is Natural Hygienic And Prevents Tracking Around The Home
  • A highly economical clumping litter in the form of mini pellets made from natural wood
  • The special benefit of pellets is that the unique shape stops the litter from sticking to your cat’s fur and paws
  • This significantly reduces the issue of litter being accidentally carried out of the tray around your home
  • Fantastic for long-haired cats to keep their coat clean and prevent tracking!   

Key Benefits

  • This incredibly absorbent clumping litter is made from organic plant fibres and absorbs more than 700% of its volume!
  • Effectively traps smells and promotes a clean and hygienic litter tray
  • Environmentally friendly and draws upon renewable and sustainable resources
  • Completely biodegradable and compostable
  • Economical and efficient - the clumping action allows you to easily scoop out the specific areas of soiled litter, which in turn makes the litter last longer
  • All-natural with no artificial chemicals or additives

Combines Nature and Modern Technology

  • In nature, trees absorb moisture through the roots and transfer this moisture up to the leaves
  • This principle of nature has been used in the creation of this innovative cat litter that merges nature and technology
  • Made from technically refined active wood fibres, which instantly absorb and trap moisture and odours
  • The active wood fibres absorb moisture of up to 700% of their volume – therefore, bad odours can never develop  
  • Gives your cat a feeling of their natural forest surroundings when they feel the call of nature
  • Encourages natural, comfortable and pleasant cleanliness for a happy cat and household as a whole

Clumping and Encapsulating

  • Refined active wood fibres have the power to absorb liquid and odours and trap them deep inside
  • This process neutralises odours and allows the litter to remain in the litter tray for up to 7 weeks before replacing
  • For best results, regularly dispose of the solid waste and clumps that form after toilet time
  • For efficient waste removal, use an original cat litter shovel with suitable hole spacing for the specific grain size
  • Clumping litter saves time and money and promotes optimal hygiene and comfort that cats instinctively desire

Environmentally Friendly

  • No trees are chopped down to create this litter - it is made exclusively from certified secondary raw wood materials from the wood-processing industry
  • The natural renewable raw plant substances undergo modern, environmentally friendly processing
  • The plant resources support your cat’s health, hygiene and emotional well-being
  • Sustainable, biodegradable and compostable
  • 100 % natural with no chemical additives

Easy Disposal  

  • Regular mineral-based litter is often disposed of in domestic waste, however this litter can be returned to the natural substance cycle
  • Due to being plant-based, the litter is biodegradable and can be disposed of in the organic waste bin or in compost


  • Wood fibres


Directions for use

  1. Fill the tray with litter up to 5-7cm
  2. To clean, remove clumps and solid excretions regularly/daily (the Cat’s Best litter shovel is designed for easy removal of clumps)
  3. It is recommended to do a complete change of litter every 7 weeks
  4. For disposal, the clumps and solid excretions should be removed and disposed of in the domestic refuse, organic waste, compost 

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