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#Catit XLarge Litter Scoop Grey For Cats - My Points

Catit Large Litter Scoop For Cats Removes Soiled Litter Quickly And Easily
  • This litter scoop ensures only clumps are removed and unsoiled litter falls through the holes and stays in the tray
  • The large bowl design allows you to scoop larger quantities of litter 
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Made of strong and durable plastic
  • The flat base of the handle allows you to store it standing up 
  • Very economical, saving unsoiled litter that can be used next time nature calls 
  • Suitable for clay, clumping and silica litter


  • Total: 32cm length x 15.5cm width x 7cm depth
  • Handle: 15cm length x 3-4cm width
  • Shovel: 15cm length x 15.5cm width x 7cm depth
  • Holes in shovel: 0.9 – 1.2cm diameter

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