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Catit Pixi Fountain Filter Cartridge 12 Pack

Catit Pixi Fountain Filter Cartridges Filter And Purify Your Cats Water When Placed Inside Your Cats Pixi Fountain
  • These fountain filters are designed for use with the Catit Pixi Water Fountain
  • When inserted into the Pixi Fountain, the filter helps to remove odours, debris and impurities from the water bowl, so your cat has access to the cleanest, finest water
  • This makes the water taste much better, and in turn increases your cat's desire to drink more!
  • Includes 6 filters in the pack
  • Triple action filtration - drawing upon cotton mesh material, active carbon and ion exchange resin
  • Ion exchange softens tap water and reduces minerals such as magnesium and calcium
  • Reducing magnesium and calcium levels in your cat’s water helps to prevent urinary health concerns
  • The filter is made of mesh material to help prevent large particles and debris from moving into the water bowl
  • Low maintenance – simply replace the filter each month to maintain clean and fresh water
  • Clean water is a simple way to encourage your cat to drink more water
  • A water fountain appeals to a cat’s natural craving for running water and simulates how they would drink in the wild
  • Flowing water also combats the production of nasty bacteria that can occur in still water   


  • 8.5cm width x 1cm thick

Pack contains: 2 x 12 Pack

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