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Bravecto Pink XLarge Dog 40-56kg Chews + KONG Toy + Treats For Dogs

Bravecto Pink XLarge Dog 40-56kg With KONG Toy And Treats Combo For Dogs Provides Parasite Protection Along With Fun Entertainment And Tasty Snacks

This bundle lets you choose a Bravecto Chew, a fun Kong toy, and a delicious pack of treats for your dog

Bravecto Chews For Very Large Dogs are for pets in the 40-56kg weight range. They provide a comprehensive flea, tick, and mite treatment that is safe and easy to administer

Kong Dog Toys are a fantastic way to keep your dog entertained. They also work well as a treat or a fun reward during training

This selection of treats are all irresitible to dogs and are a great source of protein. They're ideal for training your dog or simply as a delicious treat