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Blue Planet Water Conditioner Plus For Freshwater And Saltwater Fish Aquariums 500ml

Blue Planet Water Conditioner Plus For Freshwater And Saltwater Fish Aquariums Removes Chlorine Chloramines And Ammonia
  • Formulated to maintain a healthy and thriving aquatic environment in your aquarium
  • Helps to remove harmful chemicals and make tap water safe for your fish and other aquatic inhabitants
  • Tap water often contains chlorine and chloramines, which can be toxic to fish and must be removed before adding it to your aquarium
  • This water conditioner effectively neutralizes these chemicals, ensuring that your fish are not exposed to harmful substances
  • In addition to chlorine and chloramines removal, the solution also eliminates traces of ammonia, which can be present in tap water and can be harmful to aquatic life
  • Colloids and aloe vera are added to provide multiple benefits for your aquatic pets
  • Colloids form a protective coating on fish scales, helping to support strong and healthy scales, while aloe vera helps reduce stress and improve overall well-being
  • Easy to use – simply dose the conditioner as directed into your aquarium when adding or changing water
  • Safe for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Suitable for use whenever tap water is added to the aquarium 
  • Ideal to use when adding a new fish to the tank or when transporting fish 


  • It is important to follow the dosage instructions provided with the product and perform regular water quality tests to ensure optimal conditions for your aquatic pets

Directions For Use

  • Use 5mL per 20L of water
  • Add to a bucket, or in the area of flowing water to ensure even distribution throughout the aquarium
  • This will remove up to 3.0ppm of combined Chlorine and 1.3ppm of free Ammonia
  • For high levels of Ammonia or when transporting fish, an increased dosage of up to 3x is suitable 

Usage Guide

  • To calculate tank litres, measure in cm, length x width x height and divide by 1000 


  • Contains Formaldehyde