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Blue Planet Tonic Salt Natural Remedy For Freshwater Fish Aquariums 300gm

Blue Planet Tonic Salt Natural Remedy For Freshwater Fish Aquariums Provides Your Fish With Essential Electrolytes
  • A natural and effective remedy specifically designed for freshwater fish
  • Unlike table salt, which is not suitable for aquarium purposes, this Aquarium Salt is obtained by evaporating sea water
  • Adds a rich blend of essential electrolytes to freshwater aquariums including sodium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride
  • These electrolytes play a vital role in maintaining healthy gill function and ensuring proper osmoregulation in fish
  • Osmoregulation is the process by which fish regulate the balance of fluids and electrolytes within their cells, ensuring optimal health and well-being
  • During periods of disease or stress, fish can experience disruptions in their gill function, leading to the loss of electrolytes
  • The Aquarium Salt helps to replenish these electrolytes, supporting fish in restoring their gill health and overall vitality
  • In addition to its benefits for fish health, the salt offers additional uses in the aquarium hobby
  • It can be utilized to hatch brine shrimp eggs, providing a nutritious live food source for fish fry and small fish
  • The salt can also be used to recharge ammonia-absorbing materials like zeolite, ensuring efficient removal of harmful ammonia from the aquarium water
  • Easy to use
  • Simply follow the recommended dosage instructions based on the size of your aquarium
  • The product is safe for freshwater fish and can be used as a preventative measure or during times of stress or disease

Directions For Use

As a General Tonic for Fish

  • Use at the rate of 1g per litre (1 rounded tablespoon (20g) per 20 litres) of aquarium water
  • Dissolve in a small quantity of aquarium water before adding


  • Aquarium Salt does not evaporate or degrade in an aquarium
  • Additional dosage should only be added as directed to the equivalent volume of water change

Hatching Brine Shrimp Eggs: 

  • Use at the rate of 40g (2 rounded tablespoons) per litre of water.

Recharging Ammonia absorbing (zeolite) materials: 

  • Use at the rate of 80g (4 rounded tablespoons) per 250mL of warm tap water
  • Use this solution to recharge each 60g – 80g of Zeolite material
  • Soak the Zeolite in the salt solution for 2 hours then rinse lightly in tap water before using it in the aquarium