Blue Planet Rapid White Spot Remedy Treatment In Freshwater And Tropical Fish Aquariums 125ml

Blue Planet Rapid White Spot Remedy Treatment In Freshwater And Tropical Fish Aquariums Effectively Treats This Common Parasite

Active Constituents

  • 37mg/mL Formaldehyde
  • 0.32mg/mL Malachite Green


  • For the treatment of White Spot (ichthyophthirius multiifiliis) in Freshwater and Tropical Freshwater aquarium fish

White Spot

  • White Spot is a common fish parasite that can occur after the introduction of new fish or plants to a tank
  • These parasites manifest as small white spots, similar to pinheads, on the body and fins of infected fish
  • If left untreated, the condition can quickly worsen, leading to severe health complications and even fatalities among the fish population

Benefits of Rapid White Spot Remedy

  • This highly effective solution provides targeted treatment to eradicate the parasitic infection and restore the health and vitality of your fish
  • By administering the remedy as directed, you can expect to see noticeable improvements in your fish's overall health and the disappearance of the white spots that indicate the presence of the parasite


  • Carefully follow the instructions provided to ensure the correct dosage and treatment duration for your specific aquarium and fish species
  • Regular monitoring of the treated fish is also essential to track progress and ensure a complete recovery

APVMA Approval No: 46770/54740

Directions For Use

  • Use 0.25ml (5 drops) per 1L of aquarium water or use at the rate of 5ml per 20L of aquarium water
  • For Tetra species, baby fish and scaleless fish (loaches etc) use at a reduced rate of 1ml per 8L of water or 5ml per 40L of water
  • Repeat dose after 3 days

Usage Guide

  • To calculate approx. tank capacity: length x width x water level height (in cm) and divide by 1000 for litres


  • Hamful if inhaled
  • Will irritate the eyes, nose, throat and skin
  • Repeated exposure may cause allergic disorder
  • Sensitive people should use protective clothing
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing
  • Do not inhale vapour when opening the container and using the product
  • Wear rubber gloves
  • If the product is on the skin, immediately wash the area with soap and water
  • If the product is in the eyes, wash it out immediately with water
  • Wash hands after use


  • Not to be used on fish intended for human consumption
  • Ensure aquarium water is well aerated for the duration of the treatment
  • Activated carbon will remove this product from aquarium water resulting in ineffective treatment
  • Remove from filtration system for the duration of treatment
  • This product contains a dye product which will stain if spilled
  • Do not swallow 

Active Constituents

  • 37mg/mL Formaldehyde
  • 0.32mg/mL Malachite Green