Blue Planet Freshwater pH Test Kit For Freshwater Fish Aquariums And Ponds

Blue Planet Freshwater pH Test Kit For Freshwater Fish Aquariums And Ponds Allows You To Test The pH Level Of The Water In Your Tank

This kit includes:

  • Bromothymol Blue 25mL (a pH indicator solution)
  • A test vial

The pH Test Kit allows you to accurately measure pH levels in your freshwater aquarium or pond

  • Allows you to conduct over 300 tests, giving you a thorough understanding of the pH levels in your aquarium
  • Maintaining the appropriate pH balance is crucial for the health, colouration, and breeding potential of your fish
  • To make pH testing easy, the kit provides a colour chart on the side of the box 
  • Simply compare the colour of the water sample to the chart to determine the pH level
  • A green colour on the chart indicates a more neutral pH, which is generally recommended for a diverse range of fish species
  • Yellow represents an acidic pH, while blue signifies an alkaline pH
  • The intensity of these colours indicates the distance from neutral
  • Should you need to correct acidic water, 'pH Up' should be used (available for separate purchase) 
  • On the other hand, if you need to correct alkaline water, 'pH Down' is the recommended solution (also available for separate purchase)
  • These products allow for precise adjustments to achieve the desired pH level in your aquarium
  • Suitable for tropical fish and goldfish in freshwater aquariums and ponds
  • Australian made


  • Please note that it is important to follow the instructions provided with the kit and consult with a veterinarian or aquatic specialist for specific guidance on adjusting the pH level based on the requirements of your fish species
  • Regular testing and monitoring of water parameters are essential for maintaining optimal conditions for your freshwater aquarium or pond

The Blue Planet pH Complete Freshwater Kit (available for separate purchase) offers a more extensive testing and adjusting experience with additional components such as pH Up and pH Down powders, test tubes, caps, and a complete colour chart. The Blue Planet pH Freshwater Kit (this kit) provides a simpler version of the kit, focusing on the basic tools needed for pH testing (does not include solutions to adjust the pH level) 

Directions For Use 

  • Rinse the tube in aquarium water first, ideally the water about to be tested
  • Half-fill the tube and add two drops of the solution
  • Add the cap; do not use your finger to cover as this may alter the reading
  • Shake and allow a minute to view the colour
  • Compare this to the chart on the box
  • Adjust the pH as required by following the directions below

Adjusting pH (you will need to purchase 'pH Up' and 'pH Down' to adjust the pH level) 

  • Using the powders always starts with 1 tablespoon per 30L
  • Allow about 1 hour then re-test and repeat as needed
  • Do not alter quickly as fish may be shocked by the change
  • It is better to alter slowly over a few days where possible
  • If no fish are present adjust as quickly as needed


  • Avoid extremely acidic or extremely alkaline aquarium water
  • We recommend regular monthly water changes of approximately 25% of tank capacity to regulate pH and avoid the accumulation of toxic waste by-products