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Blue Planet Aquarium Algae Control Blocks For Freshwater Fish Aquariums 20g

Blue Planet Aquarium Algae Control Blocks For Freshwater Fish Aquariums Helps Create A Clean And Healthy Aquatic Environment

Active Constituents

  • 2.75g/kg Diuron


  • Controls most algae common to freshwater aquariums
  • Kills growing algae
  • Prevents algae from recurring


  • A convenient and effective solution to combat algae growth in aquariums
  • Designed to gradually release algae-fighting ingredients, providing long-lasting control and prevention of algae infestations
  • With its unique composition, the block helps to inhibit the growth of various types of algae, including green algae, brown algae, and blue-green algae
  • By targeting the root causes of algae blooms, it helps to restore and maintain the clarity and visual appeal of your aquarium
  • Safe for fish, invertebrates, and plants when used as directed
  • It offers a convenient alternative to liquid or powder treatments, requiring minimal effort and providing a hassle-free solution for algae control in your aquarium
  • Made in Australia 

Easy To Use

  • Using the Algae Control Block is incredibly simple
  • Just place the block in your aquarium, and it will slowly dissolve over time, releasing the active ingredients into the water
  • This gradual release ensures a continuous and balanced distribution of the algae-controlling agents, maximizing their effectiveness while minimizing any potential impact on the aquatic ecosystem


Due to manufacturer updates, there may be variations in packaging 

Directions for use

  • Add one piece per 20L of water
  • This block is best used as a preventative or when algae first appears or after cleaning an algae-infested pond. Place enough blocks to cover all areas of the pond
  • Blocks will dissolve over 7-14 days depending on water conditions and circulation

Active Constituents

  • 2.75g/kg Diuron