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Bio-Hoof Care And Repair Calcium With Biotin Supplement For Horses 600gm

Bio-Hoof Care And Repair Calcium With Biotin Supplement For Horses 600gm Supports Healthy Hoof Growth

Active Constituents: 

Each Kg Dose Contains: Biotin 750mg, Zinc (Zn) as Oxide 13.5g, Calcium (Ca) as Carbonate 306g, also contains Sulphur

Designed to supply key nutrients essential for the growth and upkeep of strong, healthy hooves. The robustness of the hoof wall relies on ample biotin, calcium, sulphur, and zinc. Insufficient levels can lead to weak hooves, prone to damage and breakage. Biotin, a vital sulphur-containing vitamin, is crucial for metabolising carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and is essential for forming healthy bones, hooves, and skin

  • Biotin Supplement for Horses with Dust Reduction Technology: Optimal Hoof Health and Nutrient Delivery
  • Targeted Nutrition: Specifically formulated to supply essential nutrients vital for the growth and upkeep of healthy hooves
  • Advanced Biotin Formulation: Incorporates dust reduction technology, ensuring a clean, easy-to-manage supplement experience
  • Optimal Biotin Dosage: A 20g dose perfectly meets 100% of the NRC maintenance requirement of biotin for a 500 kg horse
  • Enriched with Minerals: Enhanced with Calcium and Zinc to support overall hoof integrity and health


  • For animal use only
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Dispose of the empty container by wrapping in paper and placing in the bin
  • Nil meat withholding period


  • Store below 30°C  (room temperature)
  • Keep in a dry place out, protect from light
  • Keep the container tightly closed


  • Empty container may be re-used after triple or (preferably) pressure rinsed with water
  • Do not dispose of undiluted chemicals on-site.
  • Dispose of the plastic liner by wrapping it with paper and putting it in the garbage
  • Empty plastic containers, liners or products should not be burnt
  • Mix Bio-hoof Care & Repair with feed, and dose as shown below
  • One level scoop (enclosed) contains approximately 35g
  • Fresh water should be available at all times

Ponies (200kg Body Weight)

10g per day

Horses (45kg Body weight)

20g per day

  • The above doses may be doubled for the first two weeks of a course of usage
  • Ideally, this product should be used for not less than 30 days and up to 6 months in order for the new hoof to grow out
  • It is recommended That Calciplex Bone & Joint And Vitam® Health & Vitality or Min-A-Vit® Racing & Breeding be fed concurrently to provide adequate vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in the diet

Active Constituents: 

Each Kg Dose Contains:

  • Biotin 750mg
  • Zinc (Zn) as Oxide 13.5g
  • Calcium (Ca) as Carbonate 306g
  • Sulphur