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Beco Sustainable Bamboo Eco Friendly Food Spork Scoop Blue For Cats And Dogs

Beco Sustainable Bamboo Eco Friendly Food Spork Scoop For Cats And Dogs Is A Strong And Durable Tool To Scoop Out All Your Pets Food

This handy spork is fantastic for mashing and mixing food, scraping out canned food, and is environmentally friendly!

  • The spork has a long handle to keep your hands clear from sharp can edges
  • The unique design with rounded and squared edges allow the spork to reach all the way around the bottom of the can so all food can be easily scooped out
  • The hole in the centre is great for mashing up your pet’s meal into smaller pieces
  • Strong and durable for long-lasting use
  • The spork is made from natural, sustainable plant materials including bamboo, cornstarch, and rice husks
  • Bamboo is an extremely strong species of grass grown in abundance, absorbing 35x more carbon than trees and producing 30x more oxygen!
  • Cornstarch is a compostable material that is converted into polymers with the strength and versatility of plastic without the harsh environmental impact
  • Rice Husks are a by-product of rice farming and reinforce the strength of the spork
  • Safe for your pet – nontoxic and BPA free
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly


  • 21cm length x 4.5cm width x 1cm thick

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