Beco Compostable Plant Based Eco Friendly Unscented Poop Bags For Dogs 96 Pack

Beco Compostable Plant Based Poop Bags For Dogs Are Environmentally Friendly And Break Down To Their Natural Form

These poop bags will give you peace of mind knowing that you are making a positive contribution to the environment!

Environmentally Friendly

  • Made from cornstarch and completely compostable
  • Can be composted at home or in the bin as usual
  • Unlike biodegradable bags, compostable bags break down to their natural form
  • Furthermore, the cardboard roll and the cardboard box packaging are made from recycled material

Big and Strong

  • The bags are large and very thick to trap smelly odours
  • They are as big and strong as regular plastic bags
  • The anti-tear design prevents the bag from splitting resulting in unpleasant accidents
  • Caters for all dog poop sizes

Further Benefits

  • Easy to detach the bags from the roll
  • Can be placed inside your poop bag holder
  • Attractive green colour
  • Unscented


  • OK Compost TUV Home Compostable
  • ASTM 6400
  • EN13432


  • The bags can be added to any well managed compost and used in the garden for non-edible plants
  • It is recommended to add a little sawdust too, creating compost with a balanced PH
  • Alternatively, you can dispose of them as usual
  • There are 8 rolls with 12 bags on each roll 


  • Each bag is 22 x 30cm


  • Cornstarch PLA

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