Beco Bags Unscented Poop Bags For Dogs 120 Pack

Beco Bags Unscented Poop Bags For Dogs Are Strong And Durable For Cleaning Up After Your Canine
  • Beco Bags are made with PE Plastic and D2W to assist in speeding up the rate at which the bags break down in an open environment
  • The bags are extra-large and very thick to trap smelly odours
  • Bigger and stronger than regular plastic bags
  • The anti-tear design prevents the bag from splitting resulting in unpleasant accidents 
  • Caters for all dog poop sizes
  • The cardboard roll and the cardboard box packaging is made from recycled material
  • The bags are manufactured with a degradable additive called d2w which allows them to break down faster
  • Makes clean-up time quick and easy
  • The roll will fit all standard bag dispensers
  • Easy to detach from the roll
  • Attractive green colour
  • Unscented
  • 120 bags in the box


  • Each bag: 22.5cm x 33cm
  • Each roll: 5.9cm length x 3.2cm diameter


  • To achieve faster break-down of the bags, please ensure they are disposed of correctly


  • PE Plastic 
  • D2W Additive 
  • Recycled Post Consumer Cardboard 

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