Bark And Beyond Goat Tail Natural Treats For Dogs 5 Pieces

Bark And Beyond Goat Tail Treats For Dogs Are Tasty Morsels For Your Pooch To Enjoy
  • Uncomplicated and highly digestible, each treat is composed of one ingredient - 100% Australian goat  

  • This simplicity prevents allergy issues and ensures your dog enjoys pure, natural taste 

  • Goat Tails are rich in nutrients that enhance your dog’s overall health and wellbeing 


  • The high protein content supports lean muscle maintenance, while the low-fat aspect ensures your pup stays in great shape! 

  • These treats are irresistible to dogs, establishing them as high-value incentives during training sessions 

  • These grain-free treats are fantastic for dogs with sensitive stomachs 


  • The tough, rugged texture of Goat Tails provides a naturally abrasive action that helps clean your dog’s teeth as they chew, promoting oral health and combating tartar build-up 

  • The re-sealable bags ensure that every treat your dog gets is as fresh as the first. Lock in that tantalising taste and keep the goodness going for weeks! 


100% Goat

Typical Analysis

Protein: 80%

Fat: 13%

ME (kal/100gm): 406