Bark And Beyond Goat Horn Medium Natural Treats For Dogs

Bark And Beyond Goat Horn Treats For Dogs Are Tasty Morsels For Your Pooch To Enjoy
  • An extremely tough, and durable treat to last for days on end
  • Made from 100% natural goat horn
  • Goat horns are packed with calcium, phosphorous and magnesium to support strong teeth and bones
  • Rich in keratin protein to promote lean muscle maintenance and a shiny coat
  • The tough and tasty horn will appeal to your canine’s taste for natural food
  • The horns are unique because, during the sterilisation process, the live membrane inside is removed to avoid the need to add preservatives to retain its freshness
  • The horns are hand-cut and locally packaged in Melbourne
  • Super long-lasting – the extremely tough texture will provide enduring, scrumptious activity
  • Promotes oral health – the natural abrasive action of the teeth and gums against the treat helps to keep them clean and healthy and wipe away tartar build-up
  • Provides your pal with a fun gnawing challenge to keep them mentally and physically stimulated
  • You can even smear the hollow inner with tasty paste such as peanut butter

This is a natural product, therefore sizes, shapes and weights may vary

The shapes and sizes vary for a fun SURPRISE every time for your dog!

Dimensions (approx.)

  • This is a natural product, therefore sizes may vary
  • Small: 16-20cm length
  • Medium: 24-28cm length


  • Dimensions for natural treat pieces can vary – this is an approximate guide only
  • The size and shape of the treat is selected at random
  • The dimensions listed are an approximate guide only, and treat size may differ from the above dimensions
  • The image used is for demonstration purposes and a treat may differ in shape to the image

Further Information

  • It is recommended to clean the Goat Horn in hot water and dry it thoroughly between uses – this helps to keep the horn fresh
  • Not recommended for puppies until they have their adult teeth – the tough texture is not suitable for baby teeth


100% goat horn

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 61%

Fat: 1%

ME (kal/100gm): 309

 Feeding Guide

  • Intended for occasional or supplemental feeding

  • This is a complementary treat and should only be fed with a complete and balanced diet