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Bamboo Stick Cotton Ear Buds Large For Cats And Dogs 100 Pack

Bamboo Cotton Buds Pack For Cats And Dogs Are Specially Designed For Ear Care And Are Highly Absorbent

These cotton buds are specially designed for safe ear care in dogs

  • Highly absorbent with a special ergonomic design
  • Enables quick, easy and painless ear care
  • Safe to Use - Allows you to clean the dog’s ear without any danger of touching the ear drum
  • Soft fluffy end for ear cleaning and firm bamboo wood for strong, safe grip 
  • Time Saving - Single use product
  • Ecologically Friendly - 100% biodegradable
  • Designed, tested and approved by veterinarians 
  • Contains 50 cotton buds in the pack 


  • 15cm total length 
  • Bamboo stick: 11cm x 0.3cm
  • Cotton bud: 4cm x 0.8cm


  • Take care when cleaning your dog's ears
  • Make sure your dog is restrained and very still 
  • Do not insert the ear bud more than 2cm into your dog's ear as you could damage the ear drum



  • Bamboo Cotton Ear Buds Large For Cats And Dogs 50 Pack x 2

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