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Avitrol Plus Praziquantel Wormer Syrup Concentrate For Birds 25ml

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Avitrol Plus Praziquantel Wormer Syrup Concentrate For Birds 25ml

For the treatment of worms in ornamental birds

For the treatment of threadworm (Capillaria spp.), caecal worm (Heterakis spp.), roundworm (Ascaridia spp.), gape worm (Syngamus spp.) gizzard worm (Acuaria spp.) and tapeworm (Raillietina spp.) in ornamental birds.

  • Simple to administer, by adding the advised dosage of syrup into your bird's drinking water
  • Palatable and accepted in the bird drinking water

Directions for Use

  • The use of this product during extremely hot weather is contraindicated
  • Treating birds under stress or birds actively feeding young, is contraindicated
  • Do not give to Gouldian Finches
  • Use this product with caution for parrots and finches – they are less tolerant to levamisole

General Instructions:

  • The medicated water must be freshly made just before dosing
  • Provide the medicated water as the sole source of drinking water for a 24 hour period
  • Repeat the treatment after 14 days
  • Further dilution of the medicated water may be required in hot weather, to allow for increased water consumption
  • If worm problems continue after treatment, consult with a veterinarian


  •  Mix with drinking water at the following concentration :
    • 25 ml of bird wormer in 1 litre of drinking water
    • Or 2.5ml of bird wormer in 100ml of drinking water
    • Or 0.5 ml (12 drops from the dropper) in 20 ml of drinking water
  • This dilution provides a dose of 40 mg/kg body weight Levamisole hydrochloride and 8 mg/kg Praziquantel – based on an average body weight of 30g and consumption of 5 ml of liquid per day
  • The dropper dispenses 24 drops per ml

Active Ingredient: 

  • 10 mg/ml Levamisole hydrochloride (equivalent to 8.48 mg/ml Levamisole base), 2 mg/ml Praziquantel

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