AUTO Pet Transport Carrier Crate Red Taupe For Small Dogs Cats Animals

AUTO Pet Transport Carrier Crate For Small Dogs Cats And Animals Is Perfect For Safe And Comfortable Travelling
  • Stylish and safe way to transport your pets
  • The AUTO (Animal Urban Transportation Object) is designed to carry small dogs, cats, birds and other pets
  • Made from polypropylene with an aluminium alloy door
  • Easy-grip rubber handle
  • Asthenopiainner cushion for easy cleaning
  • The transporter can be dismantled for storage and is quickly and easily put together for use – simple click/unclick mechanism
  • Compatible safety belt attachment – the seat belt of the car can be attached to the crate to secure the crate during car travel  
  • Easy to clean using a mild detergent and clear rinse water, or simply wipe over
  • Suitable for pets up to 7kg in body weight


  • 37cm x 51cm x 33cm


  • It is recommended to measure your pet before purchasing a carrier crate