Australian Pettreats Deer Antler Chew Natural Shape Medium Treats For Dogs

Highly palatable & 100% Australian made - While stocks last

Australian Pet Treats Long-Lasting Deer Antler for Hours of Dog Chewing Fun
  • Durable and ultra-long-lasting treat
  • Naturally shed deer antler bone
  • Delicious taste your dog will love
  • All natural and nutritious
  • Assists dental and oral care through contact with the teeth and gums as the dog spends time chewing on the antler
  • Texture is extremely tough and rough
  • Fun shape of a deer antler
  • Ideal for dogs who love to chew for hours
  • Keeps your dog stimulated and out of mischief 
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Range of sizes and shapes
  • You will recieve one singular deer antler

The sizes and shapes of the antlers will vary

Weights may vary, and the medium size is approx. 95+ grams

The shapes and sizes vary for a fun SURPRISE every time for your dog!


  • Approx. 95 grams

Safety Note

  • It is recommended to consider the size of your dog and your dog's chewing style when selecting a treat
  • Supervise your dog while chewing this treat
  • Before use, ensure this treat is an appropriate size for your pet and that it cannot be swallowed whole
  • Remove the antler from your dog if it becomes a choking hazard 
  • Not recommended for puppies who still have their puppy teeth

Feeding Guide

  • Feed as a treat only, not for use as a sole diet
  • Not recommended for puppies who still have their puppy teeth


  • 100% Deer Antler

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