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Aussie Dog Home Alone Mini Tough Bungee Toy For Dogs

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Aussie Dog Home Alone Mini Tough Bungee Toy For Dogs
  • Developed to entertain your dog while it is at home
  • Provides hours of entertaining exercise and tug of war fun for your dog while playing alone in the yard
  • Perfect for dogs who just want to have fun or are left at home frequently and get bored
  • A hanging bungee ball toy that can help to prevent boredom, barking, separation anxiety and destructive behaviours such as pulling on the washing, damaging outdoor furniture and digging plants 
  • It is a hanging pull toy comprised of strong rope mount, a detachable stretch elastic bungee and straining rope, a hard plastic treat dispensing ball with rattle and a soft bite pull handle
  • The toy is installed around a solid branch, beam, pergola, washing line etc (using the adjustable hanging loop), just high enough so that the dog can grab/hold the soft bite handle and tug against the bungee action – the dog should only be able to reach the bite handle and not the rest of the toy
  • The bungee strap springs back when pulled and released – creating a great game of tug of war for the dog – it encourages the dog to hold and tug on it again for repeated play
  • When the toy is not in use, the ball and soft bite pull handle can be removed for storage and the bungy strap and anchor point can be left permanently in place
  • Made from strong durable plastics, rope and bungee strap to handle strong play and regular tug of war
  • 100% Safe and Non Toxic and will not pop, shatter or crack
  • A rattle inside the ball adds excitement to the tug game
  • If needed, spare and replacement parts are available to purchase from Aussie Dog

Treat Dispenser

  • For extra stimulation treats can be placed inside ball
  • The dog will attempt to reach the food by pulling the hanging grip on the toy
  • Every time the dog pulls on the grip hanging below the ball, the toy will dispense a small amount of food
  • As the dog goes to eat the fallen treats, it will let go of the toy grip, and it will spring back above the dog’s head

Available in different sizes, each toy size fits a different dog size, customising the system to different size pet's needs



  • Suggested Dog Sizes: 0 to 5kg dogs
  • Suggested Dog Types: Toy breeds, Papillion, Bichon, etc
  • Toy Weight: 0.25kg

Toy Dimensions

  • Total length: 1.2m (hanging length when not stretched)
  • Ball: 8cm diameter
  • Black hanging strap: 1.1m


  • We offer a 6 Month warranty against faulty workmanship only on Home Alone product range
  • Damage caused by normal wear and tear is not accepted
  • No other claim will be entertained
  • Product must be returned within the individual warranty periods with proof of purchase
  • All claims under warranty are limited to ONE REPLACEMENT ONLY
  • Returns to place of purchase are done at the customers own expense
  • Customer will receive refund or replacement providing product has failed under stated warranty terms and conditions
    • For example…. if a product has been correctly used, installed and sized to dog but has still failed, it may be eligible for warranty claim

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