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Arm & Hammer Feline Pine Original Non Clumping Wood Cat Litter 9.07kg

Made with 100% natural pine - While stocks last

Arm & Hammer Feline Pine Original Non Clumping Cat Litter Is Safe Natural Absorbent And Controls Odours
  • This all-natural litter is a highly absorbent, non-clumping option for your cat and is environmentally friendly!

Natural And Safe For Cats

  • Made with 100% natural pine
  • All natural and free from chemicals

No Tracking & Hygienic

  • No dust or tracking – your cat will not gather dust and litter particles in their paws or fur to leave around the home
  • Easy to scoop and clean the litter tray
  • Non-clumping - absorbs large volumes of moisture and waste

Odour Neutralising

  • Tackles urine odours and leaves a fresh pine scent
  • The pine binds with amonia odours to remove them completely
  • Contains no added fragrance


  • The litter is light which makes it easier to store, carry and use
  • Less than half the weight of clay litter

High Absorbency

  • Superior, instant absorption - helps to reduce odour quickly
  • The pine fibres go through a strict purification process where they are dehydrated - this increases the absorbency effect of the litter
  • The high absorbency of the litter results in a dry litter box, making clean-up time much easier!

Sustainably Sourced

  • Ethical measures are imposed in the production process and no new trees are cut down when sourcing the pine

Directions For Use

  • Step 1: Pour one inch of litter into a clean litter box
  • Step 2: Scoop and discard solid waste daily
  • Step 3: Shake box to reveal fresh dry pellets
  • Step 4: Change litter as needed


100% natural pine

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