Aristopet Mite And Lice Spray Plus For Birds 125ml

Aristopet Mite And Lice Spray Plus For Birds 125ml

For the control of mites and lice in ornamental birds and their environment

  • Controls avian mites, lice, biting insects, house flies, mosquitos, cockroaches and spiders found in the bird’s environment
  • Includes Methoprene as an insect growth regulator
  • Prevents the growth of insects for up to 6 weeks


  • Withholding period applies : Not to be used on birds intended for human consumption
  • Harmful to aquatic life – remove fish tanks from the environment or cover fish tanks before use

Directions for use to control avian mite and lice

On the bird

  • Before application, remove all feed and water from the bird cage
  • Hold the spray bottle 30 – 40 cm from the bird, spray directly onto the bird
  • Avoid spraying the birds eyes
  • Do not spray in an enclosed and confined space

In the environment

  • Spray aviary, perches and nest boxes thoroughly
  • Allow nest boxes to dry before using
  • One application should give up to 6 weeks protection

Active constituents:

  • 1.25g/L Permethrin 25:75, 6.25 g/L Piperonyl Butoxide, 20mg/L Methoprene

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