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Aristopet Catnip Spray For Cats 125ml

Aristopet Catnip Spray For Cats 125ml
  • Stimulates your cat to exercise and explore, and encourages active play
  • Designed to be an attractant, help calm your cat, and discourage antisocial and destructive behaviour
  • Nontoxic, harmless, non-addictive and natural
  • Made with concentrated catnip oil -the active ingredient (nepetalactone) is extracted from the leaves of the catnip plant
  • For everyday spray application to toys, scratching posts, crates, bedding etc
  • The spray bottle makes it easy to apply a light, even spritz to objects
  • Once your cat is exposed to the catnip, the euphoric effect of the catnip lasts up to 15 minutes
  • Cats of reproductive age tend to have a higher sensitivity to the catnip than kittens or older cats – all cats will all respond differently to the attractant



  • Shake well before use
  • Hold spray 20 – 25 cm away from object being sprayed
  • Apply a light mist
  • Apply every 2 – 3 days or as required



  • Catnip plant (Nepata cataria) extract

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