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API Turtle Fix For Reptile And Frog Aquarium 237ml

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API Turtle Fix For Aquatic Aquarium Treats Topical Bacterial Infections And Repairs Damaged Tissue And Open Wounds In Reptiles And Amphibians
  • A safe, all-natural way to treat topical bacterial infections on the body and limbs of aquatic and semi-aquatic reptiles and amphibians
  • Rapidly works to repair damaged tissue and open wounds where fungus may grow
  • Treats reddening of the skin, open wounds, damaged tissue, and white, cloudy film on the skin
  • Made from gentle and all-natural tea tree extract
  • For use with aquatic turtles, newts, and aquatic frogs


  • Always wash your hands after handling your pets or cleaning their aquarium or decorations
  • Extremely dirty conditions can add to problems associated with turtle health
  • Use API Turtle Sludge Destroyer to break down waste and debris

Directions for Use

  • Shake well
  • Use dosing cap on the bottle
  • Remove activated carbon from filter if possible
  • Add 1 mL per 7.6L or 5mL per 38L of aquarium water
  • Dose daily for 7 days
  • After 7 days, perform a 25% water change
  • Treatment can be continued if necessary
  • A slight foaming may occur during treatment


  • For animal treatment only 
  • Not for human consumption or for the treatment of animals intended for human consumption 


  • Melaleuca Oil (cajeput oil 1%)

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