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API Tap Water Conditioner For Fish Aquarium 118ml

API Tap Water Conditioner For Fish Aquarium Effectively Makes Tap Water Safe For Your Fishy Friends Aquatic Environment
  • This special formula makes your aquarium a safe environment for your fish by effectively treating harsh tap water
  • Tap water contains chemicals and toxins that are harmful to fish if left untreated
  • The formula removes toxins instantly, such as chlorine and chloramines, so you can add fish to your aquarium (or add them back after a water change)
  • Dechlorinates aquarium and tap water and detoxifies heavy metals including copper, lead and zinc which are toxic to tropical fish 
  • May be used in both fresh and saltwater
  • Perfect for use when setting up an aquarium and when adding or changing water
  • This super-concentrated formula treats up to 600 gallons (2270 litres) with just 30ml

Directions for use:

  • Use dosing cap on the bottle
  • To remove chlorine and detoxify heavy metals: Add 1 ml for each 15 gallons (60L) of aquarium water
  • To detoxify chloramines: Add 3mL for each 15 gallons (60L) of aquarium water

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