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API Hand Held Algae Cleaner Pad For Glass Fish Aquarium

API Hand Held Algae Pad For Glass Fish Aquarium Quickly Cleans And Removes Unwanted Algae From Your Tank To Keep Your Fish Safe And Healthy
  • This easy-to-use algae pad effectively cleans glass aquarium walls
  • The sturdy, long-lasting pad is very durable and gives you hand-held control to clean your tank
  • Helps you to reach in and clean hard-to-reach places in your aquarium with accuracy and control
  • Scrapes the glass and removes algae quickly and easily
  • The scraper has a two-sided scrubbing pad to scrape off algae without damaging your tank’s delicate glass surface
  • May be used as frequently as needed
  • Only for glass aquariums - not for use on acrylic aquariums


  • 7.5cm diameter x 2.5cm thick 


  • Avoid using on acrylic
  • Do not use on dry surfaces
  • Rinse pad with tap water before and after use
  • If aquarium gravel is picked up on the pad, rinse off with tap water before using (gravel will scratch glass surfaces)
  • To avoid scratching or breaking aquarium glass, do not apply extreme pressure