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API Betta Water For Fish Aquarium 916 ml

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API Betta Water For Fish Aquarium Is pH Balanced And Can Be Used In All Freshwater Tanks

Designed to be used for start-up tanks and when changing water to ensure optimal water quality

  • A pre-conditioned water ready to use with no preparation or waiting time
  • Can be used in any freshwater aquarium
  • Instantly safe for betta fish
  • Easy to use – for new aquariums, simply fill the tank/bowl with the water and add in your betta fish
  • For existing aquariums, simply pour the water in during weekly water changes
  • pH balanced
  • No heavy metals, chlorine or chloramines
  • Low mineral content
  • Ammonia free

Directions For Use

  • Pour the pre-conditioned Betta water directly into the betta aquarium or bowl
  • Pour as much as needed to fill the aquarium or bowl during water changes or set up of a new aquarium
  • The formula is pre-conditioned and instantly safe for bettas