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Alfalfa King Oat Wheat And Barley Hay For Small Animals 454gm

Alfalfa King Oat Wheat & Barley Hay For Small Animals Is Yummy And Healthy Food Packed With Nutrients For Your Little Pet
  • Delicious, natural food for small animals
  • Perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, and reptiles
  • Sun-dried Oat Wheat and Barley Hay
  • Three-grain grass blend with lots of seed heads and fibre
  • The hay is cut at the ‘dough’ stage while the grain is still a soft, immature groat
  • An excellent low protein, high fibre alternative to Timothy Hay
  • Feed as an occasional treat for your small animal
  • Double-compression treatment ensures high leaf count and retention
  • The special packaging seals in quality and nutrients and keeps the hay green
  • 100% natural food source
  • Contains no artificial additives, preservatives or flavourings
  • Provides optimal levels of fibre which promotes good digestive health 

Feeding Guide

  • Provide the hay in a feed bin or loose as a daily free choice addition to your small animal’s food
  • Feed hay everyday
  • Hay provides the extra fibre optimal to their digestive system
  • The amount offered will vary with the size of the animal
  • Change food and add fresh water daily 


  • Oat hay, wheat and barley hay with no additives

Nutritional Analysis

  • Calcium (max) 0.5%, Calcium (min) 0.25%, Crude Protein (min) 7%, Crude Fat (min) 1.5%, Crude Fibre (max) 32%, Moisture (max) 14%

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