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AFP Sock Cuddler Plush Fish Interactive Feather Wand Toy For Cats

AFP Sock Cuddler Plush Fish Interactive Feather Wand Toy For Cats Is A Realistic And Fun Multi Sensory Experience
  • This fun wand toy has a fluffy sock that looks just like the real thing
  • It’s attached to a solid timber wand with a soft yet sturdy cord that allows you to make the sock jiggle and jump as your cat chases it
  • Inside the sock is a mix of crinkly noisy material and some aromatic catnip to further entice your feline friend
  • The sock also has a fluffy pom-pom at the top and several fluffy feathers at the bottom to make it even more tempting to chase
  • Toys like this are great for energetic and interactive play that helps you to bond with your pet
  • This toy also encourages acrobatic leaps and athletic pouncing which will help to keep your cat happy and in top physical condition


  • Wand: 35cm length x 3cm diameter
  • Cord: 64cm length
  • Sock: 25cm length x 5cm wide x 2cm depth
  • Feathers: 10cm length x 2cm width

Toy Selection

  • When choosing toys for your cat, ensure that they are larger than your cat’s mouth to prevent choking
  • Select toys that are suitably designed for your cat’s gripping and biting strength to ensure they last


  • Remove all packaging before giving this toy to your pet
  • If the product is damaged, remove from pet immediately
  • This toy is designed for supervised play and isn’t a chew toy
  • This is not a children’s toy
  • The product is suitable for surface washing only