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AFP Modern Cat Magic Wings Blue Catnip Wand Multi Pack Interactive Toy For Cats

AFP Modern Cat Magic Wings Toy For Cats Is An Exciting Mix For Energetic And Enthusiastic Playtime
  • This toy pack includes a fun wand as well as three other separate toys designed for chasing and catching
  • The wand is made from sturdy plastic and has a mix of fluffy feathers and fabric fronds attached to the end
  • It also has a sparkly pom-pom attached to a silky cord that will jiggle and jump as the wand is moved around
  • The mouse is soft and covered with a snuggly plush fabric as well as having a small bell attached to its tail
  • There is also a plastic ball with a bell inside that has a textural mix of string and plastic that your cat will love to chase
  • The toy pack also includes a sweet pair of soft and crinkly snakes that are great fun for your feline friend
  • This is a great option if you’ve just brought home an adventurous kitten or for an adult cat who loves variety with their playthings


Wand Toy:

  • Wand: 41cm length x 2cm
  • Fronds: 15cm length x 1cm width
  • Feathers: 14cm length x 3cm width
  • Cord: 21cm length
  • Pom-pom: 5cm diameter

Small Toys:

  • Mouse: 16cm length (includes tail) x 5cm height x 5cm width
  • Bell Toy: 14cm length x 4cm width x 4cm height
  • Snake Toys: 10cm length x 2.5cm width x 2cm height

 Toy Selection

  • When choosing toys for your cat, ensure that they are larger than your cat’s mouth to prevent choking
  • Select toys that are suitably designed for your cat’s gripping and biting strength to ensure they last


  • Remove all packaging before giving this toy to your pet
  • If the product is damaged, remove from pet immediately
  • This toy is designed for supervised play and isn’t a chew toy
  • This is not a children’s toy
  • The product is suitable for surface washing only


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