AFP Little Buddy My Fellow Bear Blanket With Heart Beat Comfort Plush Puppy Toy For Dogs

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AFP Little Buddy My Fellow Bear Blanket With Heart Beat Puppy Toy For Dogs Helps To Calm Your Pup
  • This cosy blanket features a battery-operated beating heart inside the bear’s cushioned head to simulate the heartbeat of your puppy’s mother
  • It is designed to create a calming feeling for your puppy when they are new to your home or alone
  • Puppies grow up in a litter and sleep close to their siblings and mother
  • When they leave the litter, they can lack that same sense of security  
  • The cushion simulates a similar experience for your puppy by providing a familiar heartbeat sound and feel, and a secure place to snuggle up to a comforting companion  
  • The square-shaped fluffy blanket is covered in lush, silky fabric that is beautiful to touch
  • The blanket is connected to a large bear head that is densely filled with polyester stuffing and covered in luxuriously soft material
  • Your pooch can snuggle up on the plush mat and rest their head on the cushion while listening and feeling the heartbeat contained inside the cushion
  • There is fun, crinkly material in the bear’s ears and inside the embroidered heart on the blanket – this provides your puppy with sensory stimulation and promotes playful activity
  • The base of the blanket has anti-slip material to help it remain in place
  • The heartbeat plastic box is concealed inside a pouch with a velcro seal, inside the bear’s head
  • The heart is powered by 2 x LR03 AAA batteries that are enclosed with a screw and require a screwdriver to remove
  • To activate the heartbeat, simply press the power button on the surface of the heart
  • Handwash with pet-safe detergent and air dry
  • Note: The batteries are not included 


  • Total: 61cm length x 24cm width
  • Blanket when wide open: 49cm length x 49cm width x 3.5cm width
  • Bear Head: 24cm length x 21cm height x 13cm depth
  • Heartbeat plastic box: 6.5cm length x 5.7cm width x 1.5cm thick
  • Pouch opening: 10cm width


  • It is recommended to supervise your pet's use of this blanket and not leave it available for your pet to destroy
  • Remove the blanket from your pet if they damage it or try to swallow pieces of it
  • If your pet can quickly and easily damage the blanket, then it is not suited for your pet’s play style