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AFP Little Buddy Blanky Green Elephant Squeak Crinkle Plush Puppy Toy For Dogs

AFP Little Buddy Blanky Green Elephant Squeak Crinkle Plush Puppy Toy For Dogs Helps To Calm Your Young Pooch
  • This cosy blanket is designed to comfort your puppy and provide a source of entertainment
  • The blanket features multiples textures and sounds to ignite their natural instincts to play
  • Puppies grow up in a litter and sleep close to their siblings and mother
  • When they leave the litter, they can lack that same sense of security  
  • The plush blanket simulates a similar experience for your puppy by providing a soft, warm place to snuggle up and rest
  • The diamond-shaped blanket is covered in a combination of materials, including smooth polyester, textured canvas, and fluffy plush material lining the outside
  • The blanket is connected to an elephant head that is densely filled with plush stuffing and covered in a combination of smooth polyester, canvas, and soft towelling material
  • There is fun, crinkly material inside the blanket and a squeaker inside the elephant’s head – this promotes playful activity and keeps playtime exciting!
  • There is a stretchy elastic pull cord attached to the top of the blanket that is lined with canvas material
  • The bottom of the pull cord has a strong, yet flexible, plastic pull-tab that is great for tugging enjoyment  
  • There is a bonus plastic pull tab at the bottom of the blanket – this is great for your puppy to grab on to and drag the blanket around the home
  • Handwash with pet-safe detergent and air dry


  • Total: 36cm length x 30cm width x 2cm thick
  • Blanket section: 28.5cm length x 30cm width x 2cm thick
  • Elephant Head: 17cm width (arm-span) x 8cm height x 8cm depth (including trunk)
  • Stretchy Pull Cord: 11-18cm
  • Plastic Pull Tab: 7cm x 6cm x 0.4cm

Toy Selection

  • Only choose toys for your dog that are larger than their mouth
  • Get to know your dog’s holding/gripping strength and play style before selecting toys
  • If used correctly, this toy is durable and strong


  • This is an interactive toy to use with your dog – it is not a chew toy
  • Supervise your dog’s use of this toy - do not leave the toy available for your dog to destroy or eat
  • Frequently inspect the toy and remove it from the dog if it damages it or tries to swallow small pieces
  • Replace the toy if it is worn or damaged