AFP Interactives Fetch N Treat Reward Puzzle Play Toy For Dogs

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AFP Interactives Fetch 'N Treat Reward Play System Toy For Dogs Is An Incredibly Fun Toy Which Provides Yummy Treats When Your Pooch Works For Them
  • This exciting toy provides a great challenge for your canine to earn their treats!
  • All your dog needs to do it place the tennis ball into the top of the toy and then watch as delicious treats dispense out through the bottom along with the tennis ball to do it all over again!
  • Simply fill the hatch with dry treats and the machine will automatically pour out treats when your dog places the ball in the top hole
  • The ball gently rolls out the bottom and does not shoot out which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Provides mental and physical stimulation for a happy and healthy pet
  • Encourages fun active play and healthy exercise
  • Clean and compact compartment for dry treats
  • No batteries or power required – works with the use of gravity
  • Includes 1 x regular sized tennis ball included (6cm diameter)


  • Total: 17cm length x 18cm width x 20cm height
  • Top ball hole: 7cm diameter
  • Bottom ball hole: 7cm
  • Treat hole: 2.2cm


  • This toy is NOT a ball launcher, the purpose of the toy is not for the dog to chase after the ball, but to be rewarded with treats once placing the ball inside the toy
  • Toys are meant for you and your pet to enjoy together
  • Observe your dog’s behaviour with the toy for suitability
  • Some toys may be inappropriate for your dog
  • Remove and replace the toy if it becomes damaged
  • This toy is intended for dogs only and not small children

How play time works

  1. Your dog drops the ball into the top hole
  2. The ball drops out of the large bottom hole (does not shoot the ball out)
  3. Treats dispense out the small bottom hole to reward your dog

Directions for use

  1. Remove all plastic wrapping and discard properly
  2. Place the toy on a flat surface with ample room for your dog to access it
  3. Fill the toy with up to 2 cups of kibble or hard treats
  4. The maximum size of kibble or treats is 1.25cm – anything larger will not flow out of the toy
  5. During the initial play session, demonstrate how to drop the ball in the top hole and let your dog see that this causes the ball to flow out of the toy and treats to be dispensed
  6. Give the ball to your dog and encourage them to drop it into the top hole
  7. When your dog is successful, offer praise and let your dog enjoy the treats
  8. Be patient as learning take time


  • Ideal for use with your dog’s favourite kibble or hard bite-sized treats
  • Do not use with sticky or soft treats
  • For best results and a fun playtime always use AFP tennis balls which are included in the pack and available for separate purchase

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