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Advance Tender Chicken Delight Kitten 2-12 Months Tray Canned Wet Cat Food 85gm x 7

Advance Tender Chicken Kitten Canned Wet Cat Food Is Yummy And Nutritious For Optimal Feline Health
  • Complete and balanced nutrition for growing kittens (2-12 months)
  • Meets the nutritional levels required for young developing felines 

Quality Ingredients

  • Contains real chicken meat, sheep, and pork
  • No added artificial flavours or preservatives

Teeth and Bone Health

  • Contains calcium which helps kittens to develop strong bones and teeth 

Digestive Health

  • Easy-to-digest ingredients are gentle on young kitten stomachs

Immune Health

  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals to help support optimal immune health 

Muscle Health

  • The formula contains quality sources of lean protein for healthy muscle development 

Brain Development

  • Contains essential fatty acids including DHA for optimal brain development of young kittens 

Organ Health

  • Contains taurine which is essential for cats to maintain proper muscle function, vision, heart function and reproduction

High Palatability

  • Delectable, tender chunks of real meat will appeal to kittens
  • Soft and easy for young felines to chew  

Further Information

  • The wet food is presented in easy-to-open tin trays (simply peel back the top and the food is ready to serve)


Chicken, Pork, Sheep, Rice, Gelling Agents, Minerals and Vitamins, Fish Oil, Flavours, Antioxidants, Taurine, Plant Extracts, Colouring Agent

Typical Composition

Crude Protein 8%, Crude Fat 6%, Vitamin E (min) 1 IU/100g, Vitamin C (min) 12mg/100g, Zinc (min) 2mg/100g, Omega 3 (min) 0.05g/100g, Omega 6 (min) 0.15g/100g, DHA (min) 0.01g/100g, Choline (min) 70mg/100g, Calcium (min) 0.27g/100g

Average Metabolisable Energy


Feeding Guide

  • This is a guide only and actual feeding amounts should be based on your cat's body condition and weight
  • Always provide your kitten with clean, fresh drinking water
  • A change of diet should be introduced gradually during a 7-day period
  • Keep refrigerated after opening
  • Use within 3 days of opening
  • When feeding both dry and wet food, simply halve the recommended quantities of each product

Age of Kitten


8 weeks


12 weeks

2 ½

16 weeks

3 ½

24 weeks

3 ½

32 weeks

3 ½

40 weeks

3 ½



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