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Advance Kitten Wet Food + Lickimat Inaba Treats For Cats

Advance Kitten Wet Food And Lickimat Inaba Treats Combo For Cats Provides Your Feline With Quality Nutrition And Tasty Entertainment

This bundle lets you choose an Advance Wet Kitten Food. a Lickimat slow feeder mat, amd a tasty Inaba treat pack for your cat

Advance Wet Kitten Food comes in either cans or pouches and is a delicious and nutritious food for growing kittens aged from 2-12 months. It can be used as a complete food or supplemented with dry food

LickiMat Classic Felix Slow Feeder Mat For Cats is an entertaining and whisker friendly method for feeding your feline. Designed and recommended by vets, this slow feeding mat is designed to provide your cat with an enriching, tasty activity that helps to enhance their overall health and wellbeing

Inaba cat treats are made with real meat and are packed with nutrients. They're grain free and low in fat, making them a great option for a healthy treat or snack

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