Advance Healthy Ageing Chicken With Rice All Breed Adult Trays Wet Dog Food 100g x 12

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Advance Healthy Ageing Chicken With Rice All Breed Adult Trays Wet Dog Food Promotes Optimal Health And Wellbeing
  • Complete and balanced, premium nutrition with select natural ingredients
  • Designed for all breeds of mature aged dogs to promote graceful ageing

Quality Ingredients

  • Made with real meat as the #1 ingredient – a great source of quality protein!
  • No added preservatives, colours or flavours

Healthy Weight

  • Features a precise fat content to support a healthy body composition - important for senior dogs who may experience a decreased metabolism during their senior years

Immune Health

  • Contains antioxidants to promote a strong immune system and enhanced vitality

Digestive Health

  • Natural sources of dietary fibre are included to promote healthy digestion

High Palatability

  • Features high quality ingredients and a meaty flavour to appeal to all dogs
  • The meat is soft and easy to chew  

Further Information

  • Made locally in Northeast Victoria
  • Created by leading dog nutritionists
  • Recommended by specialist breeders and creditable organisations, including Guide Dogs Australia
  • Presented in 12 easy-to open trays

Feeding Guide

  • The feeding guide provides 2 options – wet food only or wet food + kibble
  • When feeding both wet and dry food, the recommended dry food to use is:  ‘Advance Medium Breed Dry Dog Food’
  • 1 cup dry food = 115g
  • Keep the wet food refrigerated after opening and use within 3 days of opening
  • The amount of food your dog requires will vary depending on age and activity level
  • Clean, fresh water should always be available


Wet Food Only

Mixed Feeding (Trays + Kibble)

Dog Weight



Dry (Cups)

Toy Breed (1-5kg)

1 – 3 ¼

½ - 1 ⅔

Up to ⅓

Small Breed (10-25kg)

3 ¼ - 5 ⅓

1 ⅔ - 2 ⅔

⅓ - ½

Medium Breed (10-25kg)

5 ⅓ - 10 ⅔

2 ⅔ - 5 ⅓

½ - 1

Large Breed (25kg +)

10 ⅔ +

5 ⅓ +

1 +


Meat (including Chicken and/or Sheep and/or Beef and/or Pork), Rice, Gelling Agents, Plant Fibre, Vitamins And Minerals, Amino Acids, Flavour, Plant Extracts

Nutritional Composition  (per 100g)

Crude Protein: 7.5%, Crude Fat: 4.5%

Metabolisable Energy

75 kcal/100g

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